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What do Vimax Pills do?
If you are using Vimax Pills, you will have 3 very large changes, which occur on your sexual life:
- Increased sexual pleasure.
- Harder, longer lasting erection.
- Increased sex drive..
Are the results of Vimax Pills is a permanent
All changes you get by using Vimax Pills is a permanent, this is different from a penis pump, when you finish ejaculate, your penis will return to normal size, while the Vimax Pills provide a permanent measure, this will be entirely yours.
How should I use Vimax Pills?
You just take the pills 1 time in the morning after you eat, to accelerate the Vimax Pills work on yourself, or you simply take 1 pills, 30 minutes before sexual intercourse.
Will I experience any side effect?
The answer is NO, because of Vimax Pills are made of herbal ingredients, it is very safe for your body, and all materials contained on Vimax Pills have all been approved by FDA.
How long will it take to get my order?
We use the time in accordance with the standards of Eastern Standard Time, starting from 1pm, and will be shipped the same day. However, it may take up to 48 hours, to process your order.
And if you live in the continental United States you can choose:
Standard Shipping - We use UPS GROUND to send your order and delivery process takes 3-7 working days, from your first order.
Express Shipping - We use USPS EXPRESS AIR to deliver your order and delivery process takes 1-2 working days, from your first order.

And if you reside outside the United States of America
Standard Shipping - We use USPS GLOBAL MAIL PRIORTY to send your order and delivery process takes 2-5 weeks, from your first order, this will require more time, because the local Customs inspection in your country to remove the product.
Express Shipping - We use USPS GLOBAL EXPRESS MAIL for sending your order, and shipping process takes 3-10 days from your first order, but this semuai adapted to local customs.